Capitol Historical Trail

We invite you to an enjoyable 6-mile or 12-mile walking tour of the past and present life of Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana. The Capitol Historical Trail, as this self-guided tour is called, features stops at many historical sites and museums.

For the printed trail literature, please see our separate literature page.

Trail Awards

The following souvenir items are available to anyone who has completed the hike and answered the questions along the way. (The questions appear in the printed trail literature.)

Patch (4.25" x 4.25")

Ribbon-draped medal (1.75" x 3.5")

Hat pin (1" x 1")

To cover our costs (we have no other source of income), we charge a small fee for these items. Hikers are under no obligation to purchase awards. Information on how to purchase the awards is included with the printed trail literature.